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Our CSR Strategy

Our purpose and values underpin how we operate as a business. Sustainability is an important part of this and includes our approach to our environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities.  We evaluate our ESG standards internally and externally and have partnered with independent industry experts including; EcoVadis, Investors in People, Feefo and BRC to give us an accurate picture of our performance.


Please click the tabs below to find out more about our Sustainability Strategy and performance.

Download our PCR bottles Factsheet HERE.
Find out more about BRC Global Standards HERE.
Download our PCR bucket Factsheet HERE.

Invopak and EcoVadis

As a leading supplier of packaging, we have a responsibility to operate our business in a sustainable and efficient way. We’ve partnered with the independent assessors EcoVadis, to help give us and our customers a clear view of how we’re doing.

We achieved a Silver rating on our first assessment, which is above the industry average, and means that we are already in the top 25% of businesses, but we know there’s more to do.

The EcoVadis sustainability rating focuses on four key areas; 

1) Sustainable Procurement
2) Environment
3) Labor & Human Rights 
4) Ethics

Scroll down to take a look at our progress in each area.

"A shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future"

United Nations Mission Statement

Our Environmental Policy Statement

At Invopak we are committed to improving our environmental performance and reducing the impact that we have on the world around us. As a family business, with a strong Values led Culture, we are committed to protecting the planet for future generations.

We will achieve this by:

  • Ensuring that we comply with all environmental legislation and regulations.
  • Researching and adopting environmental best practice across our teams and depots
  • Reviewing and debriefing the environmental impact of our activities
  • Committing to a programme of continual improvement in environmental performance
  • Encouraging and pursuing behavioral change both within and outside of our organisation.
  • Updating and investing in the systems within our business, in order to reduce our overall impact on the environment.

We continue to look for ways to make every part of our business as sustainable and environmentally responsible as possible.