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Metal Containers​

Lever lid tins, metal pails, rectangular oil tins and fuel cans, in lacquered and non-lacquered options from 125ml to 30 litres.

Metal containers

UN-approved metal pails from 3 litres right up to 30 litres in lacquered or non-lacquered finishes. High-grade, durable packaging that is suitable for the safe storage and shipping of a wide variety of industrial products.

Our lever lid tins are manufactured in Europe using high-grade tinplate. We offer a wide range of sizes from 125 millilitre sample pots to large 5 litre tins. Sizes that are 2.5 litres and above come with a plastic handle as standard.

Our rectangular metal tins are manufactured from high-quality tinplate and come in a variety of sizes from 250 millilitres to 5 litres in lacquered and unlacquered options. The entire range is UN-Approved and suitable for the transportation of hazardous goods such as speciality chemicals.

Heavy-duty fuel cans built to last, with a thick gauge steel body, fixed bayonet closures, quality welded seams and a durable powder coating inside and out. A design classic, and still the safest way to ship and store smaller quantities of petrol and diesel fuel.

Design & Printing

View our range of bespoke design & printing services, guaranteed to make your product stand out from the crowd.

Tinplate and Metal Container Range

Our metal container range includes tinplate pails, lever lid tins, and rectangular oil tins all manufactured by Europe’s leading tinplate and steel specialists. As a wholesale supplier, we can offer a wide range of metal we can provide a wide range of metal containers at highly competitive prices, Wholesale metal containers are suitable for a vast number of industrial and business applications. They are particularly useful for storing and transporting chemicals, resins, paints, and coatings. We offer a choice of UN-approved, tamper-evident, and solvent-resistant options, so whatever your business needs we can find the right packaging solution for you. The metal containers can also be custom-printed, and if you need design and printing services, our in-house team can help. Bespoke packaging is an effective way to make your products stand out, please get in touch with the team if you would like to find out more.