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General Information

Our Head Office is in Hyde, Cheshire. We serve customers who require industrial plastic and metal packaging across the UK, Ireland and Internationally.

Visit our Contact Us page for more information

Please email or fill in the online contact form and our sales team will get in touch.

We no longer have a depot in Ireland, all goods are shipped from our UK depots.

Account Information

Please email or fill in the online contact form and our sales team will get in touch. 

The agreed credit account terms are typically 30 days from the date of receiving your invoice which you will receive via email on your delivery date. Your invoice will then advise when payment is due.

You will receive the invoice for your order on the day the goods are delivered. Your invoice will then be sent to you via email.

Product Information

Under certain conditions, some substances react to the plastic used in the manufacture of plastic containers. These substances include solvents, cleaning products, cosmetics, tanning products, chemical substances and agricultural products such as pesticides and herbicides. When the contents of a plastic container or bottle react with the plastic, this can cause the container to cave or give a “sucked in” appearance – where the container looks like it has been crushed or squeezed in the middle. Fluorination is a process that is applied to the plastic to preserve the integrity of plastic containers. During the fluorination process, a coating is applied to the inside of the container to offer an extra layer of protection against permeable liquids.

Fluorination can also help protect against discolouration of the plastic. Fluorination doesn’t wear off and is a permanent seal to the plastic.

UN Approved or UN Certified packaging containers are containers that have been officially approved and certified for the transportation and sending of goods on the UN Dangerous Goods List. UN approval means that the products have passed stringent testing for the transport of hazardous goods and substances. UN Approval certificates are available from your account manager on request. In order for the UN Certified, or UN approved status to remain valid, the packaging must be used strictly in accordance with the approval documents.

Lacquered refers to the internal coating available on some of our metal containers. Where a product is described as plain interior, then no coating has been applied.

Where a product is described as having a lacquered interior, a protective coating has been applied to protect either the contents of the container or the integrity of the metal where there is a risk of the metal reacting with the contents.

A good example of this is where an internal coating protects the metal container from rusting and oxidisation when holding water-based products.

Another example is protecting food from metal contamination or discolouration or acidic products from corroding the container. In all instances of sourcing metal packaging for foodstuff, you should always check that the container is food-grade.

Some of our products have an external lacquer or coating. This is usually white. External lacquer on metal products helps protect the metal from environmental elements and can also help with the adhesion of labelling.

All our containers are subject to testing and customer satisfaction as the density of products packed will differ greatly from one customer to another. We are happy to provide samples for this purpose.

Full-colour custom printing is available on most of our products and is one of the best ways to build your brand and make it stand out. You can use existing designs or our experienced in-house design team to create bespoke packaging for your business. For more information on printing options and MOQs please get in touch.

All our products are recyclable. Please ask your account manager if you need further product specification details.

To ensure that we can continue to deliver competitive rates for you, our minimum order quantity is 3 pallets.

Invopak is a wholesaler of plastic containers, buckets, tubs and metal packaging. In order to benefit from the competitive wholesale pricing on offer with Invopak, our products have to be purchased in wholesale, bulk-buy quantities.

If you would like a sample of one of our products, please contact our Customer Service Department (Delivery charges apply).

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us HERE  as we can often supply suitable products.

We have vast industry experience, knowledge and outstanding supplier relationships, and are able to source new products into our range when commercially viable.

Delivery Information

We do not currently offer a next day delivery option.

Area Cost per pallet:
Dublin €75
Outside Dublin €85
Rest of world quoted on a case-by-case

If you need to track your order please call our Customer Services Department who will be happy to help. Please have your order number available.

We aim to dispatch your order within 72 hours of your payment clearing.

Delivery times may vary dependent on country, for more information please contact our Sales Team.

If you’re able to find a more competitive carriage rate, then we offer you the facility to collect your order from one of our UK depots, this would be on an Ex-Works basis (with you, the Customer being responsible for your own customs clearance paperwork and associated charges)

For products in stock, the delivery lead time to Ireland is 5 working days.

Rest of the world to be discussed depending on location and shipping method.

Orders for Northern Ireland can be placed online at

Ireland: Woodside

Rest of World: Kuehne & Nagel

We can ship via air, sea or road at your request.

Payment Information

We currently accept the following currencies;
UK Sterling

  • BACS
  • Credit/Debit card
    Alternatively you can apply for a credit account.

You will receive the invoice for your order on the day the goods are delivered. Your invoice will be sent to you via either email or post.

Return Information

Please contact our Sales Team if you are missing items or have received damaged items with your order.

We are sorry to hear that. Please contact our Sales Team and we will be happy to help.