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Why do BRC Global Standards Matter?

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Safety First, Quality Always

BRC Global Standards were created in 1996 to connect and protect the global supply chain. Today the BRC is recognised as a world leader in safety and quality assurance and respected across the UK food and beverage industry. They work with leading food suppliers, including Greggs, Waitrose, Aldi, Tesco and Pepsico to help ensure food standard compliance. We are proud to announce that Invopak can now be added to the list as a BRC storage and distribution certified supplier.

What are BRC Global Standards?

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) first developed the Global Standards for Food Safety over 25 years ago to help businesses comply with UK and EU legislation. They now support every sector of the food industry, from retailers and manufacturers to importers and suppliers, and are recognised internationally as a leader in food quality assurance. 

Today the scope of BRC has grown to include packaging and distribution, offering supply chain safety and integrity in the warehouse and logistics sector. This is particularly important in the food industry when a robust supply chain is an essential part of maintaining health and safety standards. 

BRC Global Standard is recognised as the food industry standard certification.

BRC Certification is only awarded to storage and distribution facilities that meet the toughest industry standards.

Certification is the most straightforward and transparent way to prove food safety culture excellence.

Shipping containers at the docks being unloaded.

Recognised globally, making export easier

Storage and warehousing is an essential part of the supply chain.

BRC is a global standard, not just a national one. This means that it is recognised across borders, helping to ensure continuity of quality, whether the final product destination is the UK or the international market.

It is part of LGC Assure, a connected series of supply chain assurance solutions that are recognised in over 160 countries.

Invopak’s company registration can be found in the BRC directory here.

End-to-end quality control ensures a safe supply chain

BRC certification ensures that the highest quality and safety standards are met at every touchpoint of the storage and distribution journey.

The requirements for certification are comprehensive and include procedures and audits on;


  • Senior management commitment
  • Hazard and risk analysis
  • The product safety and quality management system
  • Site and building standards
  • Vehicle operating standards
  • Facility management
  • Good operating practices
  • Personnel training and competencies
Four people in hi-vis vests talking in a packaging warehouse.
Two BRC inspectors check a packaging warehouse.

Independently assessed so you can trust the results

Certification can only be awarded by trained and validated assessors that work to BRC Global Standards. The inspection process is rigorous and involves a policy and procedure audit, as well as an extensive site check. 

The logo can only be used by companies that have been independently verified to meet the benchmarked BRC standard.

Certification can not be self-awarded and must be renewed every year.

Unannounced spot-checks are also carried out as part of the process, ensuring that quality service levels are always maintained. 

BRC Global Standard Quick View Slides

Click on the tabs below for a summary of the benefits of BRC Certification.

BRC certification and directory details.

The certification process includes an extensive site inspection, so each BRC Global Standards certification is location specific.

All of our depots have been awarded the top AA rating.

You can download a copy of our BRC certificate here.

Find out more about BRC on their website here.

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