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Increase transport efficiencies with square buckets

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We’re always looking for ways to help our customers increase the efficiency of their operations and become more sustainable. We have recently offered a solution that enables customers to utilise the space on a pallet in a more efficient way and reduce the chance of containers being damaged during transportation. This solution uses square or rectangular plastic buckets.

Case Study:

Below are details of the efficiencies that can be made by using either a 4.4L square or 5L rectangular bucket instead of a 5L round bucket.

All of the below buckets are made from food-grade plastic and are white.



Bucket Height (mm)

Bucket Dia/LxW (mm)

Buckets Per Layer

Layers Per Pallet

Buckets Per Pallet

Round 5L 


224 (Dia)




Rectangular 5L


254 x 222




Square 4.4L


198 x 198




Using the square 4.4L vs the Round 5L gives you 72% more buckets per pallet.

The capacity of the square bucket is lower at 4.4L compared to the 5L capacity of the round bucket. If you want to keep the 5L capacity, the rectangular bucket still gives you 20% more buckets per pallet compared to the 5L round.

Key benefits of switching to either square or rectangular:

  • Fewer damages occur during transportation due to the way that these buckets stack together neatly.
  • More buckets can be fitted onto a pallet vs round buckets, meaning that you can transport more products in the same amount of space. This reduces transport costs and increases transport efficiencies.
  • Square buckets stack together efficiently, meaning that more can be fitted onto shelves.
  • The handles sit flush with the buckets, creating a cleaner overall look.

Invopak and Sustainability
View our Sustainability Strategy video to learn more about what we’re doing to become a more sustainable business.

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