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Invopaks range of wholesale PET jars offers the perfect alternative to traditional glass jars whilst eliminating the expense of breakages.
Manufactured by leading packaging specialists, our PET jars are produced from Polyethene Terephthalate, an extremely lightweight, durable plastic that is food-grade approved and 100% recyclable.
PET jars have a shatterproof structure that makes them ideal for packaging a wide range of foods such as sauces, dips, pastes and spices. They are also hugely popular choices for any confectionary business looking to showcase a wide selection of sweets.

Not limited to food alone, current industry applications include cosmetic and beauty products and arts and crafts materials.

Their clear glass-like finish also means that any product you package in PET jars achieves maximum exposure.
Sizes range from 150ml to 5 litres and come with a selection of colourful screwcap closures to choose from to suit your needs.
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