Home and Garden Containers

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Invopak is delighted to diversify from our more traditional range of packaging products and offer a selection of containers perfect for any home and garden.

Within our home and garden range, you will find a selection of water butts and composters to help any household utilise water and food waste that would otherwise be lost.
Collect rainwater that would otherwise be lost down the drain with one of our water butts and reuse around the home for watering your plants, washing your car and much more.
Not only are our water butts great for the environment, but they can also help reduce households water bills.
And don't just throw food waste out with the rest of the trash, dispose of any vegetable peelings, fruit waste, eggshells and grass cuttings into one of our composters.

In no time at all, you will have nutrient-rich compost that is perfect to help nourish and grow your plants.

All our composters and water butts are produced from 100% recycled content and are capable of handling the harshest weather conditions.
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