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Building a sustainable business for the future

  • 2 min read

All our containers are recyclable, and we’ve recently introduced a packaging range made from recycled plastic called PCR packaging.

Whilst we’ve made good progress towards creating a more sustainable business, we don’t want to stop there. We wanted to focus our efforts by working on a Strategy.

We’re proud to share with you our Sustainability Strategy.

Our Sustainability Strategy is a fundamental part of creating a sustainable business for the future.

It comprises five key areas with specific goals that range from sourcing more sustainable packaging options for our customers to reducing our consumption of resources and educating stakeholders on how to live more sustainably.

This Strategy is a working document, and we will review and share regular progress updates.

Look out for progress updates and useful resources on how to operate a more sustainable business.

Our short video highlights our five key objectives within the strategy. If you’d like further detail, please click through the tabs below to read more detail.

View each the 5 elements of our Sustainability Strategy by clicking on the relevant tab below

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